Vebra | History
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Vebra s.r.l. was born at the end of the seventies as a manufacturer of building machines and building equipment in general; the firm gradually focused its business momentum on an innovative product which is obtaining more and more enthusiastic acceptance in the building industry: i.e. formworks.

Since the beginning, the choice made by the firm was not mainly featured by the attempt of consolidating results in terms of quantity produced, but by making a product of the highest quality, in advantage of solidity and quickness of assembly.

Our firm provides a better and much longer lasting alternative to traditional framing wood panels, thus joining handiness, quickness of assembly, convenience, flexibility and money-saving, since, through its range of products, both the needs of small-medium industries and larger industries may be satisfied.

Since 2002, with the entrance of new partners, our firm received new energies for renovating and further improving a product that had already been appreciated.

In over 40 years of presence in the construction site VEBRA has considerable experience of the various problems that may occur on site for developing each of them an increasingly solution based on simplicity of setting in place and the quality of the final product.

A very important aspect is the security because our panels withstand from 60 kN per square meter depending on the model, so you can vibrate the concrete in peace thanks to the special brackets walkway that guarantee a comfortable and safe platform to work.

In recent years we have launched an innovative aluminum system for floors ATTICA that reduces, considerably, the time of use in the construction of the floors.