Vebra | MAIOR Formworks
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MAIOR Formworks

The MAIOR panel reveals to be the ideal solution for building large surfaces, as it makes module assembling fast and easy thanks to the low number of distancing bars used.


Technical features:

• Materials: steel, multi-layer wooden or Pvc plank.

• Coating: powder coating or, as an alternative, zinc-coating.

• Weight: 154 Kg.



• modularity

• safety

• long lasting (more than 300 casts)

• quick setting up

• less accessories needed

• handiness of use (makes yard logistics easier)

• makes cleaning easier.


The MAIOR panel allows creating large concrete surfaces in a short time thanks to easiness of assembling.

In linear works the MAIOR panel makes the setting up even faster as compared to the AR.CO module, thanks to the lower number of threaded bars.