Vebra | Safety systems
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Hoisting hooks

Using the new universal lifting accessory, it is possible to lift both AR.CO and MAIOR formwork.

By unscrewing the butterfly screw on the base, the bottom part slides out to allow the pin to be inserted into the hole, after which the butterfly screw is screwed back until the lower pin is completely inserted into the hole.

Once everything is completely locked, the panels can be lifted, securing the chains to the special slot on the top of the accessory.

The single hoisting hook Vebra has a capacity load of 700 kg.

Walking brackets

Our system of walking brackets makes working with formworks safe and easy even at heights of over 3 m.

S/T props

The distinctive feature of our props is that they can be both pushed and pulled. This makes it possible to plumb the formwork. Simply place a prop every 3/4 metres to ensuring perfect plumbing.


Purpose and intended use: the positioning device composed in this way has been designed to perform the following functions:

1.     safety bracing of a standard formwork module with the maximum dimensions of 3×6 metres during the interim assembly, installation and dismantling stages;

2.     adjusting the formwork panel installation angle;



Please note the following limitations in order to prevent improper use of the prop in question:

* The device is not suitable for use as a contrast to the thrust of casting;

* The positioning device is not equivalent to a prop as defined in “UNI EN 1065/1999 – Adjustable telescopic steel props – Product specifications, design and assessment by calculation and tests”.