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Slab Formwork Attica

The innovative ATTICA aluminium system for slabs leads to substantial reductions in times of use when building slabs.

Thanks to the modularity of the system, the number of props needed to erect the

formwork can be reduced.

Just one prop can, in fact, support an area of 3.675 square metres (1.5 m x 2.45 m), i.e. only 0.27 props are needed for every square metre of surface area.

This reduction in the number of props allows a considerable reduction in terms of time and greater space available to work in.

Thanks to the drop head, the formwork can be dismantled early, after just one day (a parameter that may vary depending on the thickness of the slab and the type of concrete).

This translates into an allocation of equipment that is significantly lower than the conventional system. With the same number of panels and beams for erecting the formwork for a slab and twice the number of props, two slabs can be built just a few days apart.

ATTICA is the only system on the market that can erect formwork for structures with both solid slabs and concrete and masonry slabs.

Once assembled, the structure creates a work surface that ensures safe work, even at considerable heights.

The simplicity and modularity of the system reduce errors, thus enabling even non-qualified personnel to quickly learn how to use ATTICA formwork correctly. Once the surface has been created and the iron reinforced, the slab can be cast immediately.