Vebra | Complementary accessories
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Maior head arresters

With our head arresters it is possible to join the MAIOR panels with the AR.CO panels, allowing the sealing of the threaded bars despite the different thickness in the tube system of the two panels.

R.P.N. studs

Thanks to the R.P.N. studs it is possible to assemble normal framing wood panels with our formworks.

Plates for system S/250

With the plates for system S/250 ZN it is possible to insert a wooden compensation between a formwork and another, in order to create measures different from standard (for example 7 cm), by inserting only a single threaded bar.

Panel catching stirrups

The catching stirrups make the successive casting possible even when there are no props for the formworks.

Aligning beams

For a perfect alignment when large surfaces are moved, aligning beams are the most practical and fast solution.