Vebra | AR.CO Formworks
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AR.CO Formworks

The AR.CO 600×3000 BC/12 panel is the natural evolution of the traditional framing wood panel. The AR.CO module is the ideal balance between solidity, handiness and flexibility of use (in fact with the same formwork it is possible to create running walls, ground moulds, small boundary walls and circular walls). Besides the standard 600 mm by 3000, 1500 and 600 mm measures, all sub-measures, from 550 mm up to the 50 mm panel, are available.


Technical features:

• Materials: steel, pvc or multi-layer wooden plank

• Coating: powder coating or, as an alternative, zinc-coating

• Weight:59 Kg



• lightness

• modularity

• flexibility of use

• safety

• long lasting (more than 300 casts)

• quick setting up

• easily cleanable

• handiness of use (makes yard logistics easier)


With the AR.CO module it is possible to make curved walls, by simply using our Uniblock vices and a trapezoid wooden compensation.

The AR.CO module allows one to reach heights of up to 9 metres with a single casting, thus ensuring handiness of use and yard safety.

Whenever normal AR.CO panels are used, scarp walls with an inclination up to 10% may be built; for greater inclinations it is possible to use slightly modified modules.

Our formworks are completely modular, thus allowing practical and fast solutions for non-linear or particularly tall works