Vebra | Formworks restoration
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Formworks restoration

For all our customers who need a revision of its formwork it is possible to replace the wooden panel.


We have two different solution: multi-layer panel is entirely made of birch wood, covered with a phenol film of protective resin of 220/240 grams per sq. m. on both sides, thus ensuring a very high quality.

As an alternative to the multi-layer panel covered with a phenol film, we provide a wainscot covered on both sides with a PVC layer, which allows an almost double duration as compared to normal plywood.


In the case in which in addition to the panel was also ruined the frame you can proceed to a total recovery by careful review of the product. With control of all the welding, replacement of damaged parts up to even a complete repainting of the frame.


Vebra ren­tal formwork and client-owned equip­ment is cleaned and over­hauled here, to high qual­i­ty stan­dards, by the Re­con­di­tion­ing. This lengthens its ser­vice life and en­sures safe­ty and re­li­a­bil­i­ty for the next formwork as­sign­ment:

* professional cleaning and reconditioning extend product lifespan
* uniform quality standards make for dependability regarding the concrete finish
* well-maintained and properly functioning equipment saves time and cuts costs